BMW to Hire 3,200 Workers to End Dispute With Labor Unions image

BMW plans to add 3,200 full-time workers by the end of 2013, to end long-running dispute with German labor unions about the company’s widespread use of part-time workers.

BMW hoped it will close a deal with German labor leaders by July 18th, and to present the results to its employees at a company townhall meeting at its Munich facility, but unfortunately talks were postponed.

“Now the only thing that is left is resolving some minor legal details,” one person familiar with the matter said. “Actually the deal is ready for signing, but it’s normal that some of the works councils still have to do some last minute coordination with their local committees.”

Although it is expected that the company’s target to add 3,200 employees over the next 18 months may change over this period, BMW announced that the number will still be ‘in that ballpark amount’. If the deal is not sealed by the end of this week, it would have to be delayed until the end of August due to the beginning of summer holidays in Bavaria, where three of the four BMW plants are situated.

“We cannot make any statement on the details as long as the negotiations are ongoing,” a spokesman for BMW said.