BMW to introduce EV to China market, to launch in 2013 image

Reporters recently got the news that BMW plans to introduce electric vehicles to the China market by 2013, and to start local production of the future EV models in mainland China.

On the eve of the ongoing 2010 Beijing Auto Show, BMW launched its all-electric Active-E concept sedan, which is a zero-emission car based on the BMW 1 Series Coupe. The car’s initial launch in China indicates BMW’s plan to put electric cars in the Chinese market in the future.

The all-electric Active-E concept car is equipped with the motor connected to the back shaft, which has a maximum power and a maximum torque of 170hp and 250N·m respectively and also has an acceleration time from 100km/h of less than 9 seconds.

The car stores electric energy through lithium-ion batteries, which can provide the car with the continuous power to run 160kms. Moreover, the car is applied with the brake energy recovery system.

BMW said its future electric vehicles in mainland China will not be the mass-produced BMW all-electric Active-E concept model; the company will instead follow the model’s development orientation to create smaller electric vehicles so as to meet the urban transportation demands.