BMW Ag., has announced that has entered into a new partnership with Real Goods Solar to permit their customers and owners of electric vehicles like the ActiveE or the upcoming BMW i3 to buy solar panels for their homes at a 35% discount.

Real Goods Solar will offer to design, install and monitor a turn-key system to ActiveE customers in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

It should entice some ActiveE drivers to join the throngs of other electric car owners who enjoy the benefits of solar-powered motoring, and power their house with the remainder.

“Solar power is a natural fit for electric vehicle owners looking for a more sustainable lifestyle,” explained Real Goods Solar CEO, Bill Yearsley,

“We are delighted to partner with BMW of North America to deliver Real Goods’ award-winning design and installation services to help ActiveE drivers harness the power of the sun to fuel their new sports car.”

The deal is part of BMW’s strategy to offer “a holistic approach to sustainability that goes well beyond the automobile itself,” BMW said.

The Munich-based automaker has leased 450 Mini electric cars in the U.S. and is now leasing 700 ActiveE models, which share the same drive components and battery technology as the BMW i3 coming to the market next year.


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