BMW to Open New Plant in Europe, Possibly Slovakia image

Slovakian officials said that BMW plans to open a new plant in Europe, with Slovakia one of the top candidates.

“Slovakia is one of the countries under consideration for BMW’s new investment,” economy ministry spokesman Stanislav Jurikovic told AFP.

Currently Slovakia is the top per-capita car-manufacturer in the world, with the auto sector accounting for 39% of the country’s overall economic output. The VW, Kia and Peugeot-Citroen plants in the country employ 74,000 people.

BMW is the only German automaker that does not have a plant in a low-cost European country and last week the company announced its plans to invest in anew facility somewhere in Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia or the Czech Republic. BMW said that it currently “explores different countries all over the globe as potential locations for future production sites.”

On another matter, last week, Zoroslav Smolinsky, the head of unions at VW Slovakia, said that workers in Bratislava are skilled enough and ready to host production for Bentley’s SUV. Bentley chief Wolfgang Schreiber said that the company is currently considering where to build the new Bentley SUV and that it has two options Bratislava or Crewe.