BMW to put ceramic brakes on its new 2012 M5 image

BMW plans to offer carbon-ceramic disc brakes on the new M5 – and thus, by extension, on the subsequent M6 coupé.

It seems that the carbon-ceramic brakes pack will be released in about one year, which will coincide with the M5’s US launch.

The two companies are also connected through SGL Carbon. SGL has formed a joint venture with BMW for creating carbon fiber parts to be used in future BMW cars, and another one with Brembo for the development and manufacture of ceramic discs.

Capable of handling immense heat loads without failure, carbon ceramic brakes have been used for years in high-end racing series, as well as in several high-end supercars and sports cars.

It does make sense though, the M5 is big, heavy and fast. Reigning in all that speed can produce quite a bit of heat. If the M5 can cope with that heat better than the competition, it will have a handling edge over the rest of the pack.

The package would retain the same calipers (although they will appear different) and feature larger discs requiring larger 20? wheels.