BMW to rely more on smartphones for in-car infotainment image

BMW will adapt its cars more and more to run iPhone and Android applications onboard, the company announced.

BMW motivates this decision by the impossibility to keep pace with integrating consumer devices into its in-car systems because of the long development cycles of cars, that take three to five years.

“Car development by its nature takes much longer than tech development does. In the past, if we wanted to integrate a new connectivity feature, we would have to wait for a software update or often a hardware update, which would take years,” a BMW spokesman was quoted by Automotive News Europe. “By working with app developers, we can now offer new features at the speed of tech development that is often measured in months if not weeks,” he added.

BMW also plans to develop systems that better integrate smartphone applications with the car console and will focus on user-friendliness to outshine its rivals. The company aims to further distinguish itself from the competition by offering infotainment and safety systems that are not yet offered by smartphone makers or rival carmakers. An example is a system that uploads and downloads high-definition video content which can be streamed to the car in real time from a webcam or a security camera.