BMW to revive “The Hire” short films image

After the German maker sponsored a number of teams during the Winter Olympics, the premium automaker is shifting its focus from sports to film, with a revival of the series that made the headlines 13 years ago – The Hire.

Back then Clive Owen was just a rising star and youtube’s million making videos were a distant future. Still, the eight short films that featured the adventures of an unnamed driver piloting BMW products were a real success – clocking collectively around 100 million views.

BMW Chief Marketing Officer Trudy Hardy has now confirmed it would revive the series, but other than that every detail is shrouded in mystery – no word on the driver, the plot, the BMW products or the directors.

On the original series, each short was directed by some of the hottest filmmakers of the day, including Ang Lee, Tony Scott, John Woo and John Frankenheimer. One of the most memorable parts was the one featuring Madonna, in an ironical twist on its cult star status – directed by rising star Guy Ritchie, then husband to Madonna.

While we could speculate all we want on the cast and directors, when it comes to the BMW cars to be used we could have a more educated guess, as the new products should take the spotlight – the 4 Series, the 6 Series Gran Coupe or the new sub brand with its i3 city car and i8 supercar.