BMW to sell i3 and i8 online image

The German based automaker BMW is planning to sell the i3 and the i8 online directly, without collaborating with dealers.

Even if the car manufacturer has recently opened a specialized showroom in London especially for the upcoming i3 and i8 models, it seems that the company is planning on selling the two vehicles on the internet, which might translate into a cheaper price for the two cars. Selling vehicles online isn’t revolutionary and the idea of creating dedicated showrooms isn’t new either, as Tesla Motors will sell the new Model S in dedicated Tesla stores, rather than use the usual and traditional dealerships.

Selling the BMW i3 and the BMW i8 online is probably an attempt to keep the cost of the two models low, even if this is estimated to 3 billion USD. The car manufacturer is estimating that 31,000 units of the BMW i3 will be sold in 2014 and, even if this might be hard to believe, the model will outsell the Z4. The BMW i3 is expected to go on sale in late 2013 at a starting price of 40,000 euros (48,500 USD) and the larger BMW i8 will hit the market sometimes in 2014, with a price set at 100,000 euros for the base version.