BMW to ship 4,000 new cars to London for the Olympics image

As Official Automotive Partner of the 2012 Olympic Games, BMW will reportedly ship 4,000 brand new cars which will escort dignitaries and officials to events.

The Telegraph reported that the news does not fit with the Olympic Games’ green credentials, as spectators are being urged to abandon their cars and use public transport. BMW’s fleet of cars will include more than 3,000 3-Series and 5-Series saloons, which will travel across the city through specially reserved lanes. The vehicles will be shipped into the UK from BMW’s factories over the next six months.

“Most of the athletes will be staying in the Olympic Village and won’t need to travel to events, so the BMWs are really for the politicians and dignitaries,” Jenny Jones, a member of the London Assembly for the Green Party, was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail. “Four thousand vehicles seems lunatic when we have such a good public transport system. I can understand a few officials need secure transport but 4,000? Shipping new cars in from Germany is also extremely bad news for the environment,” Jones added.

At least 250 VIPs are expected to be designated their own BMW, exclusively for their use during the games, together with a personal chauffeur. Sever thousand other members of the Olympic family, including officials, sponsors, dignitaries and athletes will share the remaining cars.