BMW tops climate change study image

In an environmental performance study performed by CDP, a London-based group, luxury carmaker BMW, along four large auto companies, were recognized as climate change champions.

This is one of the most closely watched rankings of how businesses are tackling their greenhouse gas emissions, as CDP assesses the environmental performance of the world’s 500 largest companies by market value. However, Apple, Facebook and Amazon did not even take part in the latest annual study. Nor did the luxury goods companies Prada and Hermès, or nearly 30 financial services companies.

The report comes nearly two weeks before the first big assessment in six years by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is expected to confirm that the steady growth of greenhouse gas emissions is changing the global climate.

Fifty of the 500 companies analysed – mostly from the energy, utilities and materials industries – account for nearly three-quarters of the group’s total carbon emissions. Their emissions have risen nearly 2% in the past four years, the CDP data show.

The contrast between car companies and some of the biggest names on the internet is even more stark. BMW headed the CDP’s list of the 11 top performing companies, which also included Daimler, Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen.

Via Financial Times