BMW trademarks X2 Sport image

The German based automaker BMW has recently trademarked the X2 Sport name which will probably be the two-door version of the X2, which is said to hit the market in a couple of years.

BMW is currently looking to expand its model range and it is currently offering just about everything, from hatchbacks to flagship sedans and from crossovers to premium SAVs. Let’s not forget the new “i” range either which has turned out to be quite a success. But BMW will not be stopping here, despite having more models than the competition, and the company has recently trademarked the X2 Sport name.

The announcement hasn’t been made official, of course, but it is actually part of a report which has been published by the guys from BMW Blog. According to our source, the new BMW 2 Sport name might turn out to be the two-door version of the BMW X2, a model which will be based on the upcoming BMW X1, in its future generation, just like the carmaker did with the X3 and X4 and also with the X5 and X6. Rumor has it that this will be coming with FWD or AWD and it is said to be inspired by the BMW Sport Activity Coupes. A wide engine range will be added to the model.