BMW treats the M2 to new range of M Performance parts image

The German automaker has decided to enhance the latest member of the M family, the M2, through a host of M Performance upgrades.

The exterior styling tweaks now include the aerodynamic goodies inspired by the recently introduced M2 MotoGP Safety Car – which are made out of CFRP (carbon-reinforced plastic): the new M Performance front and side sill attachments, rear diffuser and mirror caps, rear spoiler and diffuser, and radiator grille. The M2 can also be had with the M Performance coil-spring suspension that puts the model closer to the ground by “at least” five millimeters compared to the regular suspension. The coil-spring technology can be used to extreme – the vehicle can be lowered by another 20 mm, but more importantly the shock absorbers can be adjusted to 16 levels in the rebound stage and 12 in the compression stage. Track capabilities will also be enhanced through the new sports brake pads that deliver an improved, more direct response. The Bavarian carmaker has also decided to offer a flap silencer system that brings an “intense perception of the engine sound” – it even has two operating stages – Sport and Track – that can be set using Bluetooth as a remote control.

Reaching inside the cockpit we find M Performance LED door sill cover strips for the driver and passenger side, as well as logoed floor mats, and stainless steel pedal covers. There are also two choices for the sports steering wheel, the first being the M Performance Pro steering wheel with the grip areas clad in Alcantara and a harder foam body than the standard steering wheel, resulting in “better grip and a more precise steering feel.” The other option is to have the M Performance steering wheel with race display and carbon fiber trim. The latter has an integrated function display in the upper steering wheel rim, delivering a range of useful information: section and lap times, longitudinal and transverse acceleration, etc. The M Performance parts will be up for order starting next month.