BMW Turn to Internet Sales to Increase Turnover image

BMW is turning to the Internet and house calls by the automaker’s sales personnel to increase the company’s turnover.

“We can well imagine that Internet sales could be expanded to all models,” said Roland Krueger, the head of the group’s German sales.

BMW will unveil on July 29th its i3 electric vehicle, via the Internet, according to the weekly Wirtschaftswoche. BMW’s “Mobile Sales Force” program will also visit customers at home, according to the magazine.

“The expectations and needs of our clients are changing and we want to meet those requirements,” Krueger said.

BMW announced it will launch the i3, the automaker’s first EV, in Germany sometime during the second half of 2014, with a price tag of 40,000 euro. The i3, previously known under the name of Megacity concept, has an aluminum chassis and a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic body. The automaker is confident that the i3 will attract the existing BMW customers as well as people who really care about environmental sustainability and can afford such a car.

“The i3 is reinventing BMW to have the right solutions for sustainable mobility,” said Glenn Schmidt, head of steering government affairs. “It [the i3] is still BMW and still fun to drive. It is also very much for our volume growth strategy.”

Source: Reuters