BMW Turns Back to Europe, Focuses on China and the US image

BMW has decided to shift ‘tens of thousands’ of vehicles from Europe to the US and Asia, to avoid more losses on the crisis-hit region.

According to Ian Robertson, sales chief for BMW, ‘Challenges in Europe are getting harder,’ therefore the best solution for the automaker is to focus on other markets, such as Asia and the US. The largest luxury-car brand believes that it would take years until Europe would manage to stabilize again.

Analysts believe that Europe’s auto industry is about to suffer the biggest annual sales decrease in the past 19 years. Until now BMW managed to avoid the crisis’ effects thank to demand from China and the US for models such as the new 3-Series sedan.

BMW reported sales up 14% in September, which raised deliveries for the first nine months of the year with 8.6% to 1.11 million units. Robertson said that the automaker will succeed in making up for the loss in Europe, as it expects ‘good’ growth in the US for the next two months, and China’s demand is still high despite the slow sales at the beginning of the year.

“The slowdown in China is part of what’s happening in Europe,” as the effects of the debt crisis ripple beyond the continent, he said.