Among other things, at CES 2014, BMW showed off another key technology to make autonomous cars a reality, the systems needed to steer, accelerate, and brake. And it did it on a racetrack with a 6-series or a 4-series tackling a wet corner, a slalom, and s-turns at serious speed. With no driver assistance.

The most amazing part of the demonstration was the wet corner. To show the system’s car control, BMW turned off the vehicle stability systems. As the car hit the wet, it lost grip and went into a sideways slide. The system counter-steered to prevent the car from doing a 180, keeping the slide under control until the car was back on dry pavement.

Grouped under the BMW ConnectedDrive banner, the company underlined its position in the vanguard of technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas with such a successful demonstration.

The BMW Group purposely created a new kind of research prototype for highly automated driving which uses advanced control technology to demonstrate maximum safety up to the car’s dynamic limit. In addition, the prototype vehicle will highlight the effectiveness of a new generation of control systems on the closed-off track.

Next up, BMW was the first to present vehicle functions on the electronic Samsung Galaxy Gear wristwatch as part of a research application. The Galaxy Gear with BMW i Remote App functions has similar attributes to the BMW i Remote App, which keeps drivers connected with their BMW i3 at all times and also works efficiently to provide them with the assistance they need outside the car.

BMW also showed off its new Parking Assistant with longitudinal and lateral guidance: not only – as with existing systems – does it use ultrasound sensors to find parking spaces parallel to the road and take over the parking of the car via the electronically controlled steering (lateral guidance); the assistance system now also switches between the forward and reverse gears of the automatic gearbox and allows the car to pull away and brake automatically (longitudinal guidance).


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