BMW Vision E³ Way is an interesting bike-EV vision image

Any urban dweller knows all too well the major problem represented by traffic – and BMW has taken upon itself to try and come up with a solution – dubbed the Vision E³ Way concept.

It’s coming from one place that knows well the issues of traffic – the BMW Group Technology Office China, located in Shanghai. Their idea has three “E” because it revolves around the concepts of elevated, electric, and efficient – and it’s essentially a network of elevated highways that are accessible solely to electric vehicles. Not just of any kind – those riding solely on two wheels. The company’s vision includes a modular network of raised roads that would link major traffic hubs, public transportation stations, and shopping centers.

BMW Vision E³ Way is an interesting EV vision 3

To make sure accidents don’t happen on this “speedy” highway, speed would be limited to a mere 16 miles per hour (25 kilometers per hour), and if someone doesn’t have an electric bike they could simply rent out one at the beginning of the journey. More so, BMW imagines the highway with a roof over most sections for added protection – with a cooling system inside to maintain a sustainable temperature. We aren’t exactly sure that adding more elevated roads (there’s a number of them in urban areas already, and they don’t seem to help much) exclusive to bicycles would help ease traffic congestion – thought they would be a great safety solution.