BMW wants to get rid of cables when charging the electric car image

The world’s largest premium automaker, BMW, is hard at work expanding its eco-conscious portfolio of models, as the make seeks to compliment the green “i” brand with plug-in hybrid versions of best-selling models.

As the plug-in models span from the 3 series to the X5 SUV, BMW is eager to entice customers to buy such models – after investing billions in the “i” brand and facing rather lukewarm sales (a generalized trend in the segment) – especially since plug-in hybrids can offer the buyer the choice of going green or using the traditional power of the internal combustion engine.

To make customer choice even easier and to stand out of the crowd, BMW is showcasing during this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas wireless charging technology designed for the i8 hybrid sports car. The system uses a magnetic field to transmit electricity between a base pad on the garage floor or street and a coil placed beneath the vehicle. That means drivers don’t need to hustle with cables or get dirty handling them. “Inductive charging offers important convenience benefits for drivers of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles,” comments the luxury carmaker. Actually, BMW is developing the technology with fellow rival and Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler as both automakers need to expand their range of hybrid and electric vehicles – facing the prospect of failing to meet tougher emissions rules.

Via Automotive News Europe