BMW wants to secure record growth in 2015 as it introduces 15 new models image

The Munich-based automaker, the largest premium carmaker in the world, aims to secure its fifth consecutive annual sales record as demand in the luxury sector continues to improve in Europe and the brand gets ready to welcome into showrooms 15 new models.

Among the highlights we see the 2-Series convertible and the coupe-style X6 sport-utility vehicle, with Ian Robertson, BMW’s chief of both sales and marketing claiming 2015 sees momentum gathered in the last years still rising and “In Europe overall, sales should continue to recover, especially in those southern European markets which are starting from a fairly low level.” BMW has obtained the global top position from Mercedes-Benz back in 2005 and since then all three German automakers have been deadlocked in a sales battle, with Audi also overturning the second position back in 2011. The latter has managed to continuously narrow the gap with the leader and has announced investments worth 24 billion euros ($28 billion) on technology and production in the next five years as the company targets worldwide leadership by 2020.

BMW expects Europe to further recover now after the six-year slump that led to a two-decade low, while the company foresees even further growth for the brand in the United States and Asian markets. The former market is also the world’s largest for luxury cars and BMW managed to snatch the top spot from Mercedes-Benz, which dethroned the Bavarian maker last year. BMW AG, together with subsidiaries Rolls-Royce and Mini delivered a total of 2.12 million cars in 2014, up 7.9 percent from the same period of 2013.

Via Bloomberg