BMW will build six 1-series variants image

BMW unveiled last week the new 1 Series – a car that shares underpinnings from the 3-Series sedan. According to latest media reports, the new 1 Series will eventually evolve into six different body variants on two distinctly different platforms.

2011 – 2012: The basic 1 Series will come in two versions – a five-door and a three-door 1-series hatchback model. The five-door model will be unveiled in UK somewhere in spring 2012.

From 2013, the automaker plans to introduce a coupe and convertible model of the 1-Series, which will be rear-wheel drive and will be named as the 2-Series mainly to differentiate it from the 1-Series hatchback.

In 2014 BMW will present the GT variant of its 1-series. Practically the car will feature a new front-wheel drive platform that will be shared with various Mini models. An estate variant is also on the table, a car that most probably will be aimed to steal sales from the A3 Sportback.

Finally, somewhere in 2018/19 the third-gen model will be front wheel-drive. According to autocar, the exceptions will be the coup, cabrio and a new saloon.

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