BMW will produce 5 Series Hybrid – plans 3 Series Hybrid image

Today at Munich, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer told that 5-series ActiveHybrid concept would make production as early as next year and other BMWs were likely to inherit its technology, including the 3-series.
The arrival of the 3-Series won’t be next year, but with the X6 followed by the 7-Series and then the 5-Series, the hybrid 3er could conceivably be on the streets by 2012.

“As early as next year, the new BMW 5-series will also be available as a full hybrid,” he said. “And we are anticipating the hybridisation of further models series, such as the BMW 3-series.”

According to Reithofer, most Japanese consumers won’t take the time to look at a brand unless there are multiple hybrid options on the showroom floor.