BMW X2 and X4 coming soon image

The German based automaker BMW is planning to introduce two new crossovers, discount the X2 and the X4, sales where the X2 will be based on the current X1 and the X4 will have something in common with the X3.

According to Auto Bild, patient the head of BMW Group, Norbert Reithofer, has confirmed that the company is planning to introduce two new crossovers, the X2 and the X4, which will join the X1, X3, X5 and X6. The Germans at Auto Bild are saying that the new BMW X4 will come with a smaller boot than the X3 and the crossover will benefit from the same engine range as its “brother” The most powerful version is expected to develop 306 horsepower while the entry-level will come with 184 horsepower. Auto Bild is also saying that the X4 M has really good chances to make it to the production line.

The smaller X2 will be a “coupe” based on the X1 and the upcoming model is expected to become the smallest vehicle in BMW’s X range but sadly we don’t know anything more about the future crossover. On the other hand, the German based automaker has big plans for the new F30 3-Series which might get a GranTurismo version and with the 4-Series being already in the books, as some rumors are announcing it, the future seems quite bright for the manufacturer.