BMW X2 arrives in time to make the X1 look obsolete image

The German company has announced a new introduction into its growing family of sport utility vehicles – the X2 comes to compliment the coupe-SUV part of the range, neatly slotting beneath the X6 and X4, in between the compact X1 and X3 offerings.

The X2 is actually a tad shorter than the X1 and it’s also lower while using the exact same wheelbase – with shorter overhangs and lower appearance for a pumped-up look compared to the X1 and even the X3. The X2 also features LED headlights and taillights from the get go, bespoke side skirts, and a roof spoiler, so it’s actually quite easy to distinguish it from the X1 and the X3. Inside things get a bit more complicated, because it’s the usual BMW design with the Black Panel Technology for the instrument cluster and the free-standing infotainment screen, complete with 6.5-inch or 8.8-inch touch screen. The array of systems available is pretty impressive, from lane departure warning, active braking, and parking assist to the BMW Connected+ suite that has mobile WiFi and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

BMW X2 arrives in time to make the X1 look obsolete 49

You can opt for model versions – the basic, M Sport and the new M Sport X, with the selection arriving in March 2018. There are three engine/transmission options at launch – X2 xDrive20i petrol model with 141 kW / 192 hp and a fuel economy of 5.9 – 5.5 l/100 km (47.9 – 51.4 mpg). On the diesel side there’s the xDrive20d with 140 kW / 190 hp and the xDrive25d that will cater to dynamism with its 170 kW / 231 hp – the diesel options make use of the ubiquitous eight-speed auto, while the gasoline version comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Next up will be offered the three-cylinder X2 sDrive18i along with the four-cylinder X2 xDrive20i, X2 sDrive18d and X2 xDrive18d.