The German based automaker BMW is planning to introduce another crossover to its lineup, the X2, which is said to hit the production line in 2017.

A brand new BMW is getting ready to be produced, after the X4 has been officially unveiled. The model in question will be the so-called X2, which should be getting the green light in approximately three years. The announcement hasn’t been made official but it was hinted by a BMW insider, according to the guys at Bimmer Post. Our source is also saying that the company believes to be enough room in the lineup for yet another X model.

The new BMW X2 will be sharing the same platform with the second generation of the X1 and it will only become available with an xDrive all-wheel drive system. The crossover will be getting a five-door configuration but it will adopt a three-door coupe profile, just like its larger brothers, the X4 and the X6. Besides the platform, the BMW X2 will be also sharing some of the components, interior design and engine lineup too with the X1. Additional details on this vehicle are limited for the moment and will probably be announced in a few years.


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