The German automaker has a known knack for two-wheel transportation – and this time we’re not talking about the BMW Motorrad division, though the latter is actually involved.

We’re precisely referencing the long line of bikes the German automaker has created or produced in collaboration with partners – such as the matching mountain bike for the new X3. We’re now dealing with a kick scooter, which was developed by BMW Motorrad in collaboration with ZEG, the company known for the Kettler brand. The latter is actually the one selling the new X2City, with the partner also responsible for servicing and warranty processing. BMW has announced the final price will be of less than €2,500 when it will become available before the year runs out.

BMW X2City kick scooter is a RWD EV 3

If that sounds much still, it’s because the kick scooter weighs a hefty 20 kilograms (44 pounds), has a foldable steering unit, and it’s going to be smaller than a folding bike – presumably to fit in nicely with the trunk of the upcoming X2. The X2City’s main asset is the assisted power feature – a brushless hub motor delivering power to the rear wheel (of course) for a maximum speed of 15 mph (25 kph). BMW Motorrad reminds us the kick scooter is still requiring human input – the electric mode can be used only after reaching at least 3.7 mph (6 kph). There are even five programmable speeds. Help is coming from a 408-Wh lithium-ion battery pack with enough energy to last 25 to 35 km (15 to 22 miles).


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