BMW X3 better than Evoque: Consumer Reports image

“Consumer Reports” on Thursday said the X3 handily outpointed its European rival, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, in a head-to-head match up.

The X3 slaughtered the Evoque in a road test, 80 to 60 in the point total.

The X3 is one of the few SUVs that feels sporty to drive, and a new eight-speed automatic transmission helps bring its fuel economy to a respectable 22 mpg overall on premium fuel, Consumer Reports said in a statement.

By contrast, the new Evoque is a looker, but has “many shortcomings.” The cabin is cramped, it has a still ride and artificial-feeling steering. It didn’t handle well in simulated emergency situations.

In related news, BMW will be bringing out a new small and entry level engine specially designed for the entry level X3 xDrive 28i SUV. More precisely, from April 2012 on (MY2013 switchover month for US), the X3 28i will get the new 2.0L 240hp N20 inline 4 engine, replacing the naturally aspirated inline 6 found in in the X3 28i through March 2012 production.

In addition, the upcoming X3 also gets some new options just introduced for the all-new F30 3 series, namely the speed limit info (8TH) and the lane departure warning (5AD). Interestingly however, lane change assist is still not available.

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