BMW X3 facelift spied in China image

The facelifted version of the BMW X3 has been recently spotted with some light camouflage wrapped around its front fascia and rear end in China, where the model is apparently being tested.

The German based automaker BMW is currently working on a facelifted version of the X3 crossover but rather than testing it on the Old Continent, the company has decided to take it to Asia, probably to try and keep it a secret. Bad move because Chinese people are into cars too and so the model in question has been photographed while quietly sitting in a parking lot.

The BMW X3 pictured below is the second generation of the model, which was introduced back in 2010. The crossover will receive a new front fascia, with redesigned headlights, a new front bumper and a modified front grille, which will probably make it look more like its new big brother, the 2014 X5. The same treatment will be applied to its rear end too. As for the cabin, BMW is expected to slightly upgrade some panels and buttons, but that should be it. The engine lineup will most likely be carried over without any modifications.

Image Source: Auto Home