BMW X3 to get 2.0L 240hp N20 engine from April 2012 – U.S. image

According to an official document, from April 2012 on the X3 28i will get the new 2.0L 240hp N20 inline 4 engine, replacing the naturally aspirated inline 6 found in in the X3 28i through March 2012 production.

In addition, from April 2012 the X3 model will get the speed limit info (8TH) and the lane departure warning (5AD). However, lane change assist is still not available.

While we will miss the N52, an intelligent, lightweight big 6, the N20 represents the new direction many car manufacturers must go with the impending CAFÉ regulations.

The new engine’s BMW TwinPower Turbo technology includes a turbocharging system based on the twin-scroll principle, along with High Precision Injection direct petrol injection, Double-Vanos variable camshaft control and VALVETRONIC variable valve control. Here the new powerplant takes its lead from the technology package of the 225 kW/306 hp multi-award-winning six-in-line unit of the BMW X3 xDrive35i.

At 317.5 pounds, the engine weighs about 40 pounds less than the old naturally aspirated six-cylinder.

First impressions reveal the N20 to be up to the job. With peak power arriving 1,600 rpm earlier and peak torque arriving 1,350 rpm earlier than with the six-cylinder, the N20 doesn’t have to be worked hard before delivering its best.
In everyday driving, the N20 is noticeably more responsive, although its sound is nowhere near as alluring as that of the engine it replaces.