BMW sales chief Ian Robertson said that the new X4 model will attract a new type of customers.

The X4 is a sportier version of the X3 SUV with a coupe styling and lower roofline. The model is a sportier alternative for the X5 and follows BMW’s launch of the coupe-styled X6.

“With the X6 we have attracted a completely different buyer than for the X5. We expect the same thing to happen with the X4 versus the X3, ” said Robertson.

BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer announced that the X4 model will be launched in 2014 and that it will be manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where the German automaker plans to increase capacity to 350,000 vehicles annually from 300,000 units. The company manufactures the X models in South Carolina for global markets, with the exception of the X1 SUV, which being built in Leipzig, Germany, and in China. Still, the X3, X5, X6 and the X4 will be built only in South Carolina.

“We need more capacity in Spartanburg not only for the upcoming X4 but also for the current X range,” Robertson said.

He added that the automaker had the possibility of selling extra 35,000 units of the X3 model, if the plant would have had the possibility to manufacture them. In 2012 global sales of the X3 went up 27% to 149,853 units, ahead of the X1, which saw sales up 17% to 147,776 units. The X5 increased 3.5% to 108,544 units and the X6 went up 7% to 43,689 units.


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