BMW X4 (F26) officially confirmed for production image

After rumors appeared that a “baby X6” will hit the market in the nearby future, BMW officials decided to put a stop on everything and, through the voice of the company’s CEO Norbert Reithofer, the German automaker has announced that the X4 will hit the market pretty soon.

According to the bimmerpost, the new X4 is actually based on the X3 but it will be positioned above in the segment and on the market, even if it will have the same length as the X3 and it will share its engine range.

Bimmerpost also says that the new X4 will have less trunk volume, about 500 liters or even less, and it will feature the AWD X-drive technology, along with the stop / start system which apparently these days is a “must” on improving fuel efficiency.

Rumors say that besides an X3M, an X4M is also on the way. Sadly we don’t know any more details about the new X4 but we expect BMW to come forward and offer a preview of the small SUV.