The German based automaker BMW has officially announced that the new X4 model, codenamed F26, will be manufactured in the United States.

According to BMW USA, the BMW F26 X4 crossover will be manufactured in South Carolina, at the Spartanburg plant. BMW USA is also saying that the company has plans to invest 900 million USD (705 million EUR) at the Spartanburg plant, in South Carolina, and this will become the birthplace for the upcoming BMW F26 X4 crossover. Even if the model has been officially announced for production, BMW is keeping its details secret until the model will be ready to hit the market.

As a reminder, the BMW X4 will actually be a baby X6, with a similar body, and it’s based on the X3, but it will be placed above in the segment and on the market, but it will even have the same length as the X3 and share its engine range. The BMW X4 will have less trunk volume, about 500 liters or even less, and it will come with the AWD X-drive technology, along with the stop/start system. Besides the X3M, the X4M might also be developed at the same plant, but we don’t have any details on this either.


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