BMW X4M to rival Porsche Macan image

BMW is planning to develop a high performance version of the X4 which will be a direct competitor to the Porsche Macan.

The fact that BMW is working on a new SUV named the X4 is no longer a surprise for anyone and the German based automaker has also announced that the crossover, which has been codenamed the F26, will also be manufactured in the United States. But this news isn’t about the regular X4 and we’re talking about the high performance version of the model, which will be named the X4M and, according to the guys at the Bimmer Post, the new vehicle will compete with the Porsche Macan.

Our source is saying that the BMW X4M will use the same inline six-cylinder N55 engine, but in a reworked version, found on the M3 and, considering the fact that the Macan Turbo will get a V6 producing 360 HP, the X4M is expected to pack more. As for the styling of the model we can say that the BMW X4 will be a smaller version of the X6, with a similar body but the vehicle will actually be based on the X3 and it will have the same length and engine lineup. The BMW X4M is expected to hit the market sometimes in 2014.