BMW X5 – 15th anniversary celebrated image

The German based automaker BMW is currently celebrating the 15th anniversary of the X5 by taking a look back at the model in question.

When it was first introduced back in 1999, the car manufacturer was rather suspicious on how popular this will turn out to be but in the meantime it has proven to be the vehicle of choice for Eastern European thieves and for Western European mommies who are taking their kids to school in it. The BMW X5 has turned out to be so popular that the company has managed to sell no less than 620, 000 units of the first generation.

The immense success of the BMW X5 meant that the company has started the development of its smaller brother, the X3, which was then followed by the X6, based on the X5, which really made no sense. The smallest X model is currently the X1 but this is not the newest, as the company has decided to apply the same treatment of the X6, which resulted in an X4. Most “X” vehicles make no sense but people still continue to pay a lot of money for a decently equipped one and so will the next model to join the lineup, the X7, which will be introduced in a few years.