The first generation of the BMW X5 has been recently transformed into a pickup in Australia, by a BMW dealership.

Motorline BMW, a dealership based in Queensland, Australia, has recently transformed a BMW X5 into a pickup. The model in question is based on the pre-facelift E53 model and it’s powered by a 3.0 liter diesel engine. The X5 pickup has a Toyota sourced rear window panel and chrome bars. These have been added after removing the rear doors and chopping its roof. Should BMW enter the pickup segment?

As a quick reminder, the first generation of the BMW X5 has been produced between 2000 and 2006 and it came with a choice of 5 engines and four transmissions. The model was 4,666 mm long, 1,872 mm wide and 1,707 mm tall. It was eventually replaced by the facelifted version, which made its way onto the market in 2006 and it was produced until this year, when the new generation of the X5 was unveiled.

Source: dailyautofix


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