BMW X6 M first-gen gets updated by Fabspeed image

The aftermarket specialists from Fabspeed are keeping it real with this upgrade package aimed towards the first generation of the BMW X6 M.

Despite there is now a second generation of the popular SAV available for order, there are still a lot of units of the first one out there and out of those, some examples of the range-topping X6 M. But what happens if you are looking to upgrade your very own X6 M and you have no intention on ordering the new generation? Well, Fabspeed has gotten you covered as it has introduced a few aftermarket upgrades available for the vehicle.

This particular BMW X6 M has received several custom bits and pieces which are definitely making it a head-turner, and not in the bad way, so considering the fact that it looks quite appealing, we can say that Fabspeed has pulled it off. Notice the two-piece black ADV.1 V2 CS wheels, 22-inc in size, along with the Pirelli P-Zero tires, the lowered ride height, the Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system with carbon fiber tips, The Vorsteiner carbon fiber lip kit adding the rear lip spoiler, rear diffuser and front lip, the M Performance side skirts ehhanced with the one-off carbon fiber side blades, the Mansory upgraded interior design and several other goodies. The two-piece carbon fiber engine cover is also worth mentioning, along with the blue exterior finish. An ECU tune is bringing the total output up to 557 HP. No pricing details have been announced so far.