BMW X6 might sport a convertible image

BMW is currently keeping an X6 Cabrio a secret, refusing to either confirm or deny it, which can only mean one thing, such a model is bound to hit the market.

A convertible version of a crossover / SUV / SAV / what-ever-you-want-to-call-it is not something you think about everyday but in between the Nissan Murano and the Range Rover Evoque, which happen to have been in production or will be introduced soon, see the Evoque version, it seems that things will not stop here and BMW wants to take the game to a completely new level.

According to a Romanian magazine called ProMotor, the BMW X6 Cabrio is not either confirmed or denied by the company’s designer, Tommy Forsgren, who has been in charge of styling the second generation of the X6. “I can’t tell you anything about that”, was the BMW’s official response when he was asked whether a cabriolet variant of the SAV is a possibility. Considering the fact that he didn’t deny it on the spot, we can speculate on the fact that BMW might actually offer such a vehicle in the near future.

If it will indeed hit the market, than the new BMW X6 Cabrio will be riding on the same platform as its solid roof brother. Chances are it will be dropping its two rear doors and it will be getting a canvas soft roof. The engine lineup should remain the same but we’re not sure on whether an X6 M Cabrio is really what the market needs. And we’re not sure that an X6 Cabrio would make a good choice too, but, hey, who are we to take decisions for carmakers?