Handcrafted as a one-off by the famous Milanese coachbuilders, the Zagato Coupe was unveiled a month ago at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

It looks phenomenal. But how about a roadster version? Graphic designer Theophilus Chin took the original images and cut the upper part of car. So here it is the BMW Zagato Cabrio edition.

Moving back to the original model, the BMW Zagato Coupe is composed around a theme of sweeping lines up front, the styling house’s trademark double-bubble roof and a sliced-off rear.
The most complex sculpture on the car’s surface comes in the C-pillar hip area, where the sheet metal makes a dramatic, sweeping turn — the car’s aria.

19-inch light-alloy wheels feature a five-spoke design suggestive of a propeller, hinting at origins of both BMW and Zagato in the studies of aerodynamic rear ends for vehicles. The ‘BMW Zagato coupé’ is likewise designed for aerodynamic efficiency, without need for rear wings.

Based on the E89 Z4 Roadster, the Zagato Coupe weighs 200 kilograms (440 lbs) less than the Z4 Coupe thanks to its aluminum body. Based on reports from on the scene witness and judging by the engine sound capture in these videos, the Zagato Coupe seems to have an upgraded version of the N54 Twin-Turbo engine that some say it produces 400 horsepower.


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