BMW’s China Sales in October Up 51.7% image

BMW ‘s sales in China last month increased almost 52% to 27, 828 units, mainly due to the locally built X1 SUV and the 3 Series.

The leader in China’s premium-car sales in Audi which saw an increase of 31% during the first ten months of the year to 332, 959 vehicles, followed by BMW with sales up 35% over the same period and Mercedes-Benz with 8%. Last year BMW’s sales increased 38% to 232,586 units, keeping the automaker on the third place. BMW plans to sell 1 million vehicles in China by the end of 2014.

“It is realistic unless the market deteriorates. If conditions remain as they are, then yes, it is a fair estimate,” a Germany-based spokeswoman said.

BMW’s sales in Asia last month increased 36.5% to 41,028 units and 28.1% to 398,870 units during the first ten months of the year. In China the increase was 51.7% to 27,828 units, due to the locally-produced BMW X1 and BMW 3 Series Long Wheelbase.

In the Americas BMW sold 39,154 vehicles, up 20% in October and 330,042 vehicles, up 7.8%, from the beginning of the year. In the US the automaker sold 32,339 vehicles, up 18.5% last month and 267,267 vehicles, up 8.4%, from the beginning of 2012. In Europe BMW sold 71,368 vehicles last month, a drop of 0.3% and 711,197 vehicles during the first ten month of the year, up 0.7%.