BMW’s latest TC is now 50 times quicker image

And believe it or not, while you would expect this new system to be introduced in a high-powered machine, it actually debuted on the occasion of the recent introduction of the i3s electric.

The sportier BMW i3s was first introduced to the worldwide audience of the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, bringing a raft of improvements over the standard model, along with a host of changes that were part of the midlife cycle refresh. Its most important attributes were the reworked, sportier suspension along with the enhanced 184-horsepower (135-kilowatt) electric motor. Among the facelift changes though, BMW also tucked in a novel traction control system, used to better deliver the upgraded power. The Bavarian automaker is now using a reworked version of the system to upgrade every single conventionally-powered BMW and Mini models with gas and diesel engines.

It’s conveniently available across the entire range – on front-, rear- and all-wheel drive versions to ensure “noticeably greater assurance and driving pleasure when road conditions make pulling away difficult.” Apparently the engineers worked out the system to deliver 50 times improved response times, with the control process now taking place directly inside the powertrain, getting rid of the long signal paths. The new traction control will go towards enhancing traction and driving stability in “adverse weather and road conditions when pulling away, in active Brake Energy Regeneration phases, and when accelerating out of tight corners.”