BMW’s upcoming iDrive version to have touchscreen and gesture recognition image

The world’s largest premium automaker, Germany’s BMW, has been one of the pioneers of advanced car human-machine interface – and its iDrive infotainment system is already a piece of auto history.

Now the Munich-based automaker has announced plans to upgrade the next-generation iDrive system to feature a touchscreen and gesture recognition features as it strives to upgrade the system’s user friendliness. Every automaker is hard at work in that direction, as cars become increasingly complicated and allow the driver to access anything from navigation and normal infotainment features to the user’s smartphone. While the driver and front passenger will get to nibble with the next-generation iDrive system, the rear passengers of BMWs large sedans and SUVs have not been forgotten – now getting a tablet to command the infotainment and climate systems, besides regulation, heating and ventilation for their seats. The BMW Touch Command is built by Samsung and based on the Android operating system – which means users can also access normal features such as surfing the web through the car’s built-in Internet connection or use any Android-based app, according to BMW.

The new iDrive and he Touch Command tablet were announced during a media event in Las Vegas on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show, with the company saying that both would become user available within one or two years. But, as BMW uses a traditional top-down approach for the introduction of new features and technologies, we should expect both to debut by the end of the year inside the next-generation of the flagship 7 Series sedan.

Via Automotive News Europe