Boat Sinks Off Hong Kong, Kills 36 image

More than 36 people died after a boat sank off Hong Kong, in the deadliest accident to hit the Chinese territory in years.

The boat had on board utility company workers and their families on a long holiday weekend when it hit a ferry and sank off Hong Kong. More than 36 people were killed and dozens more were injured. The travelers were heading towards Victoria Harbour to watch the fireworks and the celebration of China’s National Day and mid-autumn festival.

On Monday night the two vessels collided near Lamma Island. Until now the police recovered 36 bodies but their search is made difficult by the obstacles on the boat and low visibility. Other 100 people were rescued and taken to hospitals with serious injuries. Hong Kong has one of Asia’s most advanced economies and infrastructures, therefore such large-scale accidents are rare here.

“There was a boat that came in close and crashed,” said Yuen Sui-see, director of operations at Power Assets Holdings Ltd. “After the crash, the other boat continued away, it didn’t stop.”

There are speculations that the vessel was overloaded, but he denied this information saying that the boat had capacity for over 200 passengers and that it was carrying 121 passengers and only three crew members.