Bollinger teases the arrival of a four-door B1 electric truck image

Bollinger Motors, a startup that around a month ago didn’t even have a vehicle to showcase, is already thinking about the grand scheme, teasing us to the upcoming (possible) arrival of a larger four-door version of its B1 electric truck.

Just like many other electric automotive startups, Bollinger hasn’t even started production of its first vehicle – arguably one that has the credentials to succeed, because it plays in niche where cost really doesn’t matter that much. Bollinger Motors isn’t competing directly other automakers such as Tesla, and instead premiered its first prototype in the form of the all-electric B1 four-wheel-drive sport utility truck. It’s a model catering to professional use, because it can morph from pickup truck to SUV and back, and comes with practical ideas such as the possibility to run beams through and through – there’s no grille up front, just a removable panel.

The up and coming automaker seems to have a specific set of plans, releasing a teaser sketch for a stretched B1, nine inches longer and up fitted with another pair of doors in the back. Looking like an even more rugged take on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, but with a green twist, the four-door B1 doesn’t forget it was born to work, improving cargo space by an additional six cubic feet. The New York-based company claims the off-road specifications remain in place, from 15.5 inches ground clearance to approach and departure angles of 56 and 53 degrees, respectively.