Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 hits the auction block, leaves for almost 2,5 million pounds image

Aston Martin’s recent fortunes have inextricably been linked to the action-spy franchise featuring the 007 agent – James Bond – which is clearly shown by the success of the DB10 model.

The Aston Martin DB10 is one of those quirks of the automotive world – it’s a concept that has a real life on the streets as well. It started off as a bespoke creation for the latest movie in the saga – Spectre – but it has now also been listed at auction for the rich of the world to have and to own. One of the very rare Aston Martin DB10 units has recently passed through the auction block where it snatched a whopping £2, 434,500 (about $3.48M) at an auction organized by Christie’s.

The DB10 has been produced in just 10 examples and all of them were specifically built to be used on the set of the James Bond movie – two of them were left unscathed while the rest were featured with various modifications that were needed by the James Bond character. Aston Martin has decided to retain one of the untouched units and the other was offered up for auction last week and snatched by an anonymous buyer. It was signed by Daniel Craig – the actor who played the titular character – and has grossed well over the initial expectations of one million pounds (almost one and a half million dollars). The good news in this rich will be richer story is that all of the money will go towards charity – specifically the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) medical humanitarian organization.