Borgward’s sports car gets second teaser image

The German automaker has been revived since way back in 2008, but its first tangible product was presented back in 2015 – the BX7 SUV – and not the company is preparing another presentation.

The company has had quite the success for its boutique status – selling close to 50,000 units – also in part via China’s Foton, one of the major investors. Borgward is now ready to move forward with the introduction of a new model, which is scheduled for the official worldwide presentation at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The first mysterious teaser come a month ago, and the preview seemed to depict a classic, low and long sports car. It showed massive wheel arches and a bold hood, without actually revealing much of the design.

Now there’s a second teaser, this time around depicting the back of the car – as we can see glimpses of the C-pillar, rear wheels, and taillights visible from the rear three-quarter perspective. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, this concept has what it takes to represent one of the interesting surprises of the Frankfurt Motor Show. According to reports, Borgward might make an attempt to rekindle in modern que the Isabella that was sold by Borgward between 1954 and 1961, just before the company ceased operations. It was the brand’s most successful automobile to date, so it would make sense to rekindle its legacy.

Borgward’s sports car gets second teaser 0