Bosch and Continental to join forces for HERE mapping service? image

Following the German consortium made up of Audi AG, BMW AG and Daimler AG, which bought Nokia’s HERE mapping service for €2.8 billion at the beginning of August, it seems that more companies are interested in joining in on the project, including auto suppliers and competitors Bosch and Continental, both of which are working on different projects at the moment.

According to a report, Bosch and Continental showed interest in getting involved in “an open standard”, but information on how the collaboration would work was not disclosed.  The news of a possible involvement from Bosch and Continental into the mapping service comes from a highly confidential meeting that took place in Berlin at which 16 representatives of international manufacturers, suppliers and service cards participated, including a representative from Continental.

A Bosch spokesman said that “We are basically opening up systems and therefore flexible in terms of application and integration of maps.”

New collaborations would be somewhat of a novelty for the mapping service, despite some time ago a connection did take commence between HERE and the Dutch navigation specialist TomTom.

A spokesman for Continental refused to comment on the brand’s wanting to cooperate on these new project speculations. Nevertheless, Continental seems to be expanding in the field of automotive software, as in addition to more than 11,000 developers working in-house for the supplier, the company also started collaborating with the Chambers of Commerce and the Federal Institute for Vocal Training for an “automotive software developer” training program that would produce 28 trainees in the following year.


By Gabriela Florea