A total of 400 from the current 3, 500 jobs in Hildesheim will be lost as the auto supplier will move auto-starter production to sister plant in Hungary – as there will be made a lot cheaper.

At the Hildesheim location of the automotive parts supplier Bosch, 400 jobs are to be lost by 2018, according to a company spokesman. The bulk of the production of starters will be moved to the cheaper sister plant in Miskolc, Hungary, he also said.

The reason behind this conversion is the declining car market in Europe, and the production of started in the Hildesheim plant will be reduced and in the future limited to starters for VW vehicles equipped with start-stop technology.

Since March, the plant management and employee representatives were already negotiating the job cuts. In restructuring Bosch agreed to forgo layoffs, said the spokesman. The cuts would instead be achieved through voluntary redundancies or through the mediation to other posts.

At the Hildesheim site currently work 3500 people, the majority of which are, according to the company, working in the field of multimedia. In the starter plant, 1350 people are currently employed.


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