Bosch denies whispering that Fiat uses some sort of illegal emissions device image

Auto supplier Bosch has dismissed media reports in which it was said that the part maker told to German regulators that Fiat was using an illegal device to hide its emissions levels.

According to recent report from the the Bild am Sonntag weekly, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority emissions investigation on all carmakers in the country led to another “manipulation”, as some Fiat models were showing irregular levels of NOx levels. The paper also mentioned that auto supplier Bosch informed German investigators about Fiat using an illegal device. “At no point in time did Bosch communicate that Fiat is using a non-authorised defeat device,” Bosch Chief Executive Volkmar Denner said. “If something is being used in an authorised manner or not, this is something Bosch is not in a position to assess, only the manufacturer can do this,” he stated during a press conference at Bosch’s research campus in Renningen, while discussing his company’s full year results.

Speaking of which, Bosch has reported an all-time high revenue of 70.6 billion euros (79.9 billion dollars) last year, marking a 44 percent boost, while it recorded a 4.6 billion euros in earnings before interest and taxes, 900 million euros more than a year earlier. However, the supplier expects its sales to grow between 3 and 5 percent in 2016 and if the first quarter’s slowdown continues in certain regions and markets, growth will be at the lower end of the forecast scale, according to company sources.

Via Reuters