Bosch is looking to deliver V2B communication image

We know what V2V and V2I communication means – vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure, respectively and now we should learn that V2B means vehicle to bike communication.

Bosch, a leading automotive supplier, has decided that motorcycles should be included in the V2X (all generical vehicle communication in connected situations) endeavor – and they recently announced they started the development of a safety system that allows motorcycles and cars to “talk” to each other, alerting about impending approaches. This system could work towards preventing “nearly one-third of all motorcycle accidents,” says Bosch board member Dr. Dirk Hoheisel. “We are creating a digital protective shield for riders.” The German OEM supplier has also enlisted partners for the endeavor – Autotalks, Cohda Wireless, and Ducati, an Audi subsidiary.

With motorcycle accidents on the rise, studies show riders of two-wheeled vehicles are most often ignored at intersections and during passing. Bosch engineers are now working towards implementing a system that can potentially prevent dangerous situations before even taking place. “Through safety systems such as ABS and motorcycle stability control, Bosch has already made riding a two-wheeler significantly safer,” said Hoheisel. “By connecting motorcycles, we are taking safety to the next level.” The system is using the public WLAN standard (ITS G5) to piggyback the exchange of data between motorcycles and cars.