The gas pedal will soon tell you when you are going too fast and wasting precious fuel, as Bosch developed a system that warns the drivers through vibrations of their wrong-doing.

A heavy foot has been always responsible for higher than average fuel consumption levels. Up to now, the only thing that could be done about this is to be gentle and take eco-driving courses. However, Bosch has managed to develop a technical aid in the shape of the active gas pedal, which tells the driver through soft vibration that they have crossed the line from light touch to lead foot. “The Bosch active gas pedal helps drivers save fuel and alerts them to potentially dangerous situations as well,” the German supplier said. And if the car has a safety assistance system, the pedal becomes a warning indicator. Coupled with the navigation system or a camera that recognizes road signs, the Bosch gas pedal gives drivers a haptic warning signal if, for example, they are approaching a dangerous bend at too high a speed.

The feedback they get allows them to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 7 percent, Bosch claims. This could be possible because the gas pedal can be teamed up with other systems, such as the transmission. The active gas pedal comes with the option of a palpable indication of the best time to shift gears. The pedal tells the driver when the economy and acceleration curves intersect. It could also be connected with a whole series of assistance systems, such with collision warning systems, the system creating in this situation a vibrating signal warning drivers not to accelerate any further. In addition, the gas pedal can be coupled with a camera that recognizes speed-limit signs and if drivers exceed the speed limit, the gas pedal will warn them by vibrating or exerting counter-pressure.


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