Bosch plans to offer on the wide market the BMW M4 GTS water injection system image

The BMW M4 GTS is an extremely limited high-performance special edition, but it appears some of its features will become widely available on the free market starting 2019.

This is courtesy of Bosch, the leading parts provider aiming to trickle down on the mass market the water injection system first seen on the performance coupe – as it can boost fuel efficiency by 13 percent and reduce CO2 emissions by 4 percent. Bosch will proceed to offer the technology to the wide market and first models equipped with it should be seen on the streets from 2019. The system will effectively reduce engine temperatures and therefore decreasing knock, which wastes fuel, by spraying a fine vapor of distilled water into an engine’s intake before fuel combustion. The result is faster ignition times and thus improved engine power.

BMW was the first manufacturer to use on its race-oriented M4 GTS, complete with 5 percent power boost. But Bosch contends the system’s main concern is with fuel economy improvements and emissions reductions. According to the WLTP (Worldwide harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedures), the system should jump the engine’s fuel efficiency by 13 percent and also drop the emissions by 4 percent. Bosch says the small quantity of water involved allows for average refueling procedures every 1800 miles or so and the vaporized water state discards the threat of rust forming inside the engine.

Via Autocar