Bosch starts construction of new R&D center in Renningen – Germany image

Robert Bosch GmbH, world’s largest supplier of automotive components, on Monday started the construction of a new research and advance engineering center in Renningen, Germany.

The new research campus in Renningen is to become the new hub of the Bosch Group’s global research and advance engineering activities. Over the next two years, a total of 14 new buildings will be erected on a space of 100 hectares.
The total size of the new center will be almost 110,000 square meters. The construction costs amount to around 160 million Euros.

The announcement comes shortly after Bosch said it will buid a new factory at Blaj in Romania. The new facility is worth EUR 77 million investments and the first development stage and the production is estimated to start somewhere in the middle of 2013.

The new production facility will comprise buildings of 38,000 sqm.
Also, by 2014, Bosch will invest 43 million for purchase new production equipments and execution workings.